Rock Explorers


The Wave Rock Weekender provides a program of music, film and good times in various locations.  See the program posters in the bar or ask at the Wave Rock Weekender shop next to the bar tent for more information.  The surrounding environment provides some more opportunities to do stuff…


Wave Rock

15 metres high and 110m long, the face of Wave Rock appears ready to crash onto pre-historic surf, now frozen in time. Wave Rock is just one face of Hyden Rock, a 100 hectare rock formation with some great bush walk trails around it. You can walk on top and see for miles.

Believed to have formed over 2700 million years ago, Wave Rock is part of the northern face of Hyden Rock. The shape of the wave is formed by gradual erosion of the softer rock beneath the upper edge, over many centuries. The colours of the wave are caused by the rain washing chemical deposits (carbonates and iron hydroxide) down the face, forming vertical stripes of greys, reds and yellows. It is worth seeing the Rock at different times of the day, as the changing sunlight alters its colours and appearance


Traditional Owners

The Njakinjaki Nyungar people lived in the region around Hyden, and Wave Rock features in Nyungar creation stories. The Wave Rock Weekender respects and acknowledges the Nyungar people as the traditional owners of the land on which the show is held. Don and Sylvie Collard will welcome everyone to Wave Rock at the beginning of the show.


Salt Pond

Close to Lake Magic, a large local salt lake, Denis Collins constructed a 20m round, 6m deep swimming pool-like gypsum pond whose buoyancy and therapeutic properties are greater than those of the Dead Sea. You must try to understand the special euphoria created by floating around in the middle of this dramatically beautiful landscape with the sounds of the festival off in the distance. It is about an 800m walk from the site.


Other Geological Formations

There are many other exciting geological formations in the area. You can find out more from the Wave Rock Visitors’ Centre on (08) 98805182. You may want to check out Hippo’s Yawn, which resembles a cavernous mouth, The Humps, a 100m high monolith, and Mulka’s Cave.

Please be aware, our understanding is that Hippo’s Yawn is traditionally a women’s place, and Mulka’s Cave a men’s place.



One of the main attractions of Hyden is the spectacular wildflowers, with particularly stunning displays throughout the spring months. to see some of the varieties you may encounter on the way to Wave Rock


Kangaroos, emus, wallabies, lizards, echidnas and many kinds of bush bird can be found around Hyden. The birds of the Hyden area are particularly colourful and noisy. As many as 40 different species can be seen and heard in the wild. The smallest are the wrens, and the largest are the emus and wedge-tailed eagles. Six species can be seen almost every day along the roadsides, in the paddocks or in the trees.


Night Sky

On a cloudless night, look up. Far from the lights of the city, the Wave Rock Weekender will give you a rare opportunity to see constellations not visible in the city. Visit for more information on what to look out for.



We sometimes have a few bikes you can use – ask at the shop next to the bar. Please wear helmets and don’t fall off.

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