We recommend you choose the transport option with the least environmental impact.



It’s a long drive to Wave Rock, so the best, most socially and environmentally sensible way to get there is by sharing transport.  If you can’t organise your own shared transport give us call and we’ll help you work something out.

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Car Pool

Road trips are more fun with a bootload of friends – old or new. Offer a ride or pick one up here thanks to


You may choose to drive your car to the show.

You will be greeted at the checkpoint between 11AM and 6PM on Saturday 22 (or 1PM and 8PM on Friday 21 if you have a Friday Pass) and given your wristbands. There are no door sales so make sure you have bought your tickets before you set out.

Once you’ve dropped your camping gear, you will park your car along the road and walk back to set up. Cars will be parked about one hundred metres from the campground. You’ll be able to access your car, but you won’t be able to park it next to your tent or in the campground



There are no campervans or other vehicles allowed into the main campground unless you have special needs.

It is a cosy tent wonderland and we want to give everyone the room they need. This is what we will tell you if you call us on the phone to ask:

“There are no campervans or other vehicles allowed in the main campground. There are two options for people determined to sleep in their vehicles.

  1. You can park along the road, where all cars are parked. This may put you some distance from the main site and facilities.

  2. You can park and sleep in the old picnic ground about 300m down a direct pathway from the main campground. It has a working toilet but no shower.”

Consider camping with the rest of us instead, it’s nice when everyone is in it together.