Camping is where it’s at this weekend – it’s springtime and you will be in the best spot to enjoy the show – within 100m of Wave Rock, the main stage, toilets, showers, cooking facilities and food vendors. We’re committed to providing good facilities and a great vibe in the campground, so even people who are scared of camping will like it, and everyone will be able to sleep, wash and party in their desired proportions. Our campground is not a paddock, it has trees. A camp site without a tent is included in the ticket price.

A camp site with a basic two person Wave Rock tent and a double mattress set up for you costs an extra $85. Even if we’re providing your tent and mattress, you’ll need to bring all other bedding and camping equipment with you. Bear in mind all campsites are less than 100 meters from great food options, the bar, showers, toilets, fresh water & proper coffee. So it’s easy to survive with just a sleeping bag and a pillow.

Two to three person tents will fit on the camp sites, which are about 3m x 3m in size. Bigger tents are not suitable.



The Wave Rock Weekender Campground is located on Wave Rock Road, just out of Hyden. Look at the maps.The Camp Ground is set up in the coloured camp zones marked on the Site Map, each with some responsible but fun camp monitors who’ll be living there and helping you set up. When you choose your ticket you can choose your camp zone so you can make sure you’re camping near your mates. Each zone has a mixture of BYO Tent camp sites, and Wave Rock Tent camp sites.The ground is like hard beach sand – small ground down prehistoric rock – and is usually dry and nice under foot.More information about campground facilities is listed on the Facilities page.


The Wave Rock Motel, in Hyden, may have rooms left for the weekend. You can call Tony on (08) 98805052 to discuss bookings.A self contained cottage is available in Hyden, see Wave Rock Country Cottage for details.If you are really too scared to camp, or have a special need that can’t be met in the campground, you may wish to consider staying in one of the nearby towns of Kondinin, Lake Grace or Corrigin. The Wave Rock Visitors’ Centre can help you with this, their number is (08) 98805182.Please contact us on 08 9272 6275 if you’d like to discuss any special needs you have


There are no campervans or other vehicles allowed into the main campground unless you have special needs. It is a cosy tent wonderland and we want to give everyone the room they need. This is what we will tell you if you call us on the phone to ask:

“There are no campervans or other vehicles allowed in the main campground. There are two options for people determined to sleep in their vehicles.

  1. You can park along the road, where all cars are parked. This may put you some distance from the main site and facilities.

  2. You can park and sleep in the old picnic ground about 300m down a direct pathway from the main campground. It has a working toilet but no shower.”

Consider camping with the rest of us instead, it’s nice when everyone is in it together.