Soul Cocina

Mornin’ burrito $13

Free range eggs scrambled, wrapped in the loving arms of a wheat tortilla,greens, chipotle crema, salsa & bacon or beans. Vegan option.

Getup taco $7 each/2 for $13

Nat’s corn tortilla & fried egg combo, salsa, greens. Vegan option (all gf)

Tijuana Fries $12

Parmesan, chipotle crema, lime.

Rosarita fries $13

Chilli con queso, chipotle crema, tomato salsa.

Add pulled pork + $3

Taco’s $8 each/ 2 for $15

Hand pressed soft corn tortillas, Mexican slaw, fresh salsas & sauces

Fish - beer battered Albany Bronzie, pickled red onion

Slow cooked pulled pork, pico de Gallo salsa (gf)

Smokey black bean, cucumber mint salsa (v, gf)

Cuban fried chicken $17

Fried buttermilk battered chicken breast, mesclun lettuce, Mexican slaw, salsa’s, seasoned fries, lime and green olive aioli.

Chimichanga (life changing) $17

Deep fried bad boy burrito w/ pulled beef & chipotle rice wrapped in a

wheat tortilla, dressed w/ sour cream, chipotle crema, salsa & soul

destroying chilli sauce, sweet potato crisps, rock star.

Goodness Chimichanga (vegetarian) $17

Same deal, but no meat. Just smokey black bean & fennel goodness.

Sunshine bowl (vegan) $16

Zesty fresh warm salad with coconut black rice, roasted pumpkin,

chickpeas, fennel, greens, Mexican slaw, avocado salsa verde (gf)

Chicken & coconut black rice burrito $15

Cuban fried chicken, coconut black rice, lettuce, salsa, Mexican slaw.

Cuban sandwich $16

Toasted Turkish bun, pulled pork, leg ham, Swiss cheese, pickles, seasoned

fries, chipotle crema.

Paella $13


Chicken & Sweetcorn or Vegan Heaven w/ greens, lemon.


Friday         2pm - 12am

Saturday       7am - 12am

Sunday       7am - 12am

Monday       7am-11am

Eat No Evil – ‘ Lazy Suzans eating house’

Breakfast broths Both $15 available till 1pm

Miso pork broth, crispy pork belly, glass noodles, bok choy, onsen egg, green onion


Miso mushroom broth, glass noodles, bok choy, shitake, hemp togarachi, herbs (vegan)

Then available 1pm onwards

vegan bowl, sweet potato splinters, snake bean sambal, cabbage, seeds, smokey corn tentacles, coconut yoghurt $13


bird bowl, charred street thai chicken, chilli jam, green onion, birdseed crumbs $15


babi bowl, balinese pork belly, green chilli, sambal matah, coconut steamed rice $15

available all day -

Chicken katsu, saltbush tartare, crispy capers, cos $8

Hand crushed potatoes, siracha mayo, hemp togarachi,  green onion $10


Friday 2pm - 10pm

Saturday 7am – 1am

Sunday 7am – 1am

Monday 7am – 11am

Bean Eatin’


ROCKER : watermelon / orange / carrot / ginger

HUNG: cucumber / celery / lemon / appleD I Y : Pick up to 3 Fruit & Veg abovePEACHY T : House-made Peach infused black Tea

SMOOTHIE:Banana / Date / Almond milk /CinnamonFresh Drinking Coconut $5


KFT BITES Our southern fried tofu, bite sized w/house maderanch & buffalo hot sauce mayo

KFT WRAP 12” $15 Our Kentucky Fried Tofu bites thrown in a flourtortilla w/ shredded lettuce, avo and buffalo mayo

MAC n CHEESE $10 Secret recipe mac n cheese mixed w/ peas andfried onions!


Friday         2pm - 10pm

Saturday        7am - 10pm

Sunday           7am - 10pm

Monday     7am - 11am

Sunny Side Up Burger

Breakfast Burgers

Bacon & Egg Burger – Elmar’s smoked bacon, free range egg, spinach, hollandaise sauce in brioche bun $10

Omelette Burger – Free range egg, tomato, cheese & spinach Omelette, Elmar’s Bacon, Hollandaise and homemade tomato relish in a brioche bun. $12 (can be vegetarian without Bacon)

The Big Boy – Double Elmar’s Bacon, Free Range Egg, Chevup Sausage, Baked Beans, Cheddar Cheese, Onion Jam & Hollandaise in a brioche bun. $15

Shrooms Vegan Burger – Turkish Bread, BBQ Mushrooms with onion & garlic, Lettuce, Tomato, Mango Chutney $10

Optional Extras

Cheese $1 Extra Bacon $2 Extra Egg $2 Beef Chevup Sausage $2 Baked Beans $2 Gluten Free Bun 50c

Lunch / Dinner

Sunny Side Burger – Brioche Bun, Wagyu Beef Pattie, Cheddar Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Tomayo Sauce with Crisps $13

Hot Stuff Burger – Brioche Bun, Wagyu Beef Pettie, Cheddar Cheese, Jalapenos, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion Jam, Sriracha Mayo with Crisps $13

Vegan Options:

Shrooms Vegan Burger – Turkish Bread, BBQ Mushrooms with onion & garlic, Cashew Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Mango Chutney $10 (Vegan)

Toasted Turkish Bread with Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar & Dukkah $5

Optional Extras

Extra Beef Pattie $4 Gluten Free Bun 50c Pickles $1 BBQ Onions $1

Sweet Treats

Lolly pops 50c

Caramel Slice $3

Gingerbread ladybird biscuits $3

Smores Kit $3


Friday             2pm - 10pm

Saturday        7am - 10pm

Sunday           7am - 10pm

Monday          7am - 11am

Box Pizza


Shak-pizza               w bacon, egg, artichoke pizza / $15

Lunch & dinner

Margherita               w pesto, tomato, bocconcini / $15

Taylor Swift              w mushroom, spanish onion, kale, fetta / $15

Kanye West              w bacon, chorizo, capsicum, spanish onion/ $15


Friday            6pm - 10pm

Saturday        8am - 12am

Sunday           8am - 12am

Monday          8am - 11am

Late night Jaffle Van by Juice Palace


Classic Cheese and Tomato / $5

Slow Baked Beans (vegan) / $7

Roo Ragu / $8

Caramelised Pear and Brie / $7


Saturday        11pm - 3am

Sunday           11pm - 3am

Neighbourhood Coffee

Coffee from $4...... size dependent.

Batch Brew $5 a cup

Tea and other hot drinks from $3 

EBT, EG, Peppermint, Chamomile

Hot Chocs, Matcha Latte Tumeric Latte, Beetroot Latte

Almond and Soy and Decaf avail (extra fees apply)

Cookies and treats... from $3


Friday             2pm - 10pm

Saturday        7am - 10pm

Sunday           7am - 10pm

Monday          7am - 11am

Lions Club

Bacon & Egg Burgers / $7

Juice / $2

The Lions Club assist with local community fundraising for special causes and help with development and building of local parks, community venues and sporting centres.


Saturday        7am - 9am

Sunday           7am - 9am

Monday          7am - 9am